Thanks to fathers

June 4, 2015

Father’s Day is around the corner. When I was younger I thought it was a day to buy a wallet, a pair of socks or a tie. I had no idea what Father’s Day meant. To be fair I had no idea what Mother’s Day meant as well for I was raised rather young by grandparents. However, as I have gotten older and everything speeds up pretty fast once you turn 30 years old, I learned a great deal. Where to begin, fathers have value. They do. Fathers are different than mothers. They are. There is the ying and the yang. Without men, women would not be able to have kids and vice versa. It’s true. I have seen a lot so I give thanks to….. the young man who is working 2 jobs raising a kid that the mother bailed out on; the military man who after Vietnam started his life over again dealing with so much crap from the young generation that he was protecting aka fighting communism; the father who is PROLIFE; the dad who made sure that he raised daughters and sons that respected themselves and others; the one who said to his wife “she is my daughter as well”; the father who knew what a son can be, should be and is; the 17 year old that got his girlfriend pregnant in New York City who did not believe that just because he was young and a minority that the only option was aborting his son; the father whose goal was to give his daughter away to a man who would love her and last but not least ….the fathers who are not here on earth anymore but had this belief of God and country, making sure that at the very end they protected and provide structure for their love ones. THANK YOU for being there when it mattered and you know what…. it ALWAYS does!



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