The sinking of America

October 19, 2014

America is like a lost ship floating in the fog.  All of her warning gear is blind.  Her communications are fried.  Already she has run onto treacherous rocks, yet she still floats due to those courageous enough to patch the holes and help push her off of the rocks.

Sadly, the danger to America has taken it’s toll, and those courageous few are getting scarce.  The passengers are in an uproar, screaming for the Captain and crew to do something to save them and the ship, but they are blinded by their own foolishness and greed to know how to help themselves and the situation.

No one is willing to take a stand against the demands and fulfill the needs of America.  Not one passenger has stepped up to stop the senseless riots, protests and demonstrations.  Not one passenger has screamed, “STOP!  This is not what we need right now!”  Instead those who see the inevitable demise of America shake their heads and mutter to each other, “What more can I do?  I tried.”  The sense of panic and defeat grows as those intent 0n seeing the great America fail, plot to secure access to their own lifeboats while they let the rest drown in their blindness and ineptitude.  Yes, America’s passengers have been warned, but like desperate rats on a sinking ship, they are too busy fighting amongst themselves for the last scraps of helpful remnants rather than working together to save America.

The people of America have forgotten that they can still save her.  They forgot to look in the hold.  There, waiting in the darkness with the other useful items that could ultimately save her are the things she needs the most.  The Bible and the Constitution.  These things were locked away in the dark by those with the private lifeboats.  Because the hold is dark and frightening, the passengers have decided to stay in the failing light rather than go into the hold and discover that the light and tools that they need are in the depths, in the back, just waiting to be rediscovered and used once again.

The Bible is our warning system.  It has been disconnected by those wanting to destroy America.  It has been deemed irrelevant and the people chose to listen to the liars who knew that they were leading America to her slow death.  They took away the weapons and guidance systems by proclaiming that America did not need them.  The ones who had determined that America must die had promised to protect the passengers.  They forbade weapons of any kind, using the passengers’ children as a ruse.  They forbade the needed escort, leaving America defenseless against those enemies prowling her surrounding waters like sharks.

The remaining few of the courageous passengers got together with the vocal worriers who had conceded defeat and were wringing their hands.  They chose a new plan, for there were still a few who knew about the items in the hold.   They had no light, but one was an engineer and found the original plans.  They memorized them and went into the hold while those remaining on the decks tried to get the crowd to see reason.

Those brave few who ventured below decks, found the Bible and the Constitution.  They brought them into the light and revealed them to the passengers.  The engineers constructed an internal intercom system and the messages were sent to the passengers.   There was a slow awakening as the passengers realized that the Captain and crew were working with the elite few who were busy sinking America and securing their own lifeboats, leaving the passengers to die.

The passengers rose up and took control of America.  The righted the listing ship while more people found the courage needed to patch the holes.  They steered America off of the rocks and they fixed the communications systems.  Once again they began spreading the truth about the situation and told other passengers what was required to save the damaged America that they had been taking for granted.

Still, the damage done to America was severe.  It took a lot of work and dedication by the passengers to bring America out of the fog and to the shipyard where repairs could be made.  So much had to be done.  A new Captain and crew had to be chosen to keep America off of the rocks.  The passengers had to restore the ability to defend America against the sharks and began to develop a strong defense system.  Meanwhile they had to deal with the  ones causing trouble with the other passengers, causing distractions and sabotaging the work done to save America.  The rabble rousers and trouble makers were put in their places and told to stop or be locked in the hold.

America started seeing the light through the fog that America had been deliberately steered into for so long.  They saw the results of having a good Captain at the helm.  They saw what a good crew, dedicated to repairing and saving America and willing to bring her back to her former glory could do.  The passengers slowly stopped the fighting and realized that they had been skillfully divided into many opposing factions.  They began to see the distractions and destruction wrought by the corrupt and powerful few.

The passengers realized that they had the power and control of America all along.  They just needed to stand up and speak loudly in one voice that they were not alright with going in the wrong direction.  They hired a new Navigator, one who took his directions solely from the passengers.  They hired new people to inform the Navigator of their desires and will, and they saw a dramatic improvement.

They gathered the group determined to destroy them and sent them away into the fog on their lifeboats while they steered America back into the light.  They surrounded themselves with people of like mind and formed strong security details who stopped the stowaways from invading the ship.  The passengers once again began reading the Bible and re established Morals and good will towards each other.  They re read the Constitution and began to understand once more what that revered document truly stood for.  No more goose stepping to a mad man’s tunes.  No more acquiescence to those who thought they knew better than the passengers.  Once again the passengers had control over their lives in every aspect.  Once again they had freedom to live their lives as they chose.

November 4th is 16 days away.  We need to throw the Elites and those determined to destroy America out of power.  We need a new Captain and Crew.  November 4th, we can start by hiring the crew that will stand up for America and finally reign in the deranged Captain.  We need to set the stage for hiring a new Captain once his contract is up.  We are the passengers and we need to take the rudder before we are smashed on the rocks and any survivors are shark bait.

We need to stand by whatever Allies we have left.  If there aren’t any then we need to make new ones and reaffirm our commitments to them.  We CAN save America, but we need to do this now.  November 4th, 2014 is the first step.

God bless America.  Start reading the Bible.  Have the courage to stand up for your country and retake the Helm.  God and the Constitution are our last resorts.  Make them your first.

Terri Kiley



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