Let’s talk coffee and liberalism in Seattle

November 11, 2015

I once worked as a barista in Seattle. A real barista that is. I actually steamed the milk. Grind the coffee. Made the shots. I had coworkers who made foam art. REAL coffee. Here is the truth. Just go up to 10 Seattlelites and ask them about their opinion about the coffee with the mermaid, don’t be surprise by their answers. I jogged all over the city going to independent coffee shops even after the day I decided to hanged up my apron. I worked in a competitive company that had BETTER coffee by the way.

In fact ALL independent coffee places have better coffee. Now back in the day those who were artists, independent artists who just wanted to do their thing would hang out at coffee shops. Converse, write, go over lines for plays or films and just do what they need to do. Independent coffee places were for individuals. Wow did I just write that? Let me type this again, INDIVIDUALS. There’s a thought. Wait did I just write thought? I did. Imagine that. Imagine is a way to use your mind in a creative way that is unique from others.

Okay back to the mermaid, does that company really do that? I mean there is a lot of them everywhere in Seattle. Basic green and white logo just everywhere. It seems like there is not a whole lot of options——-oh SNAP that’s it. That is it right there. No option because back like 7 years ago, there was once a website of all these independent coffee shops informing others that Seattle has options. Options meaning picking where one can go for coffee and spend their money that they worked hard to make.

I am always amazed how Seattlelites don’t like structure or conformity. They are above that. Okay so what is going on with the lack of independent coffee shops around the area? Surely, Seattle people would never decide to go to a place that is a corporation. I mean that would be a contradiction…right?!

What about those independent thinkers who just want to make ART and want to be their own woman or own man? How can they possibly go to the mermaid place? I once worked in an area that had a lot of gum on it’s wall. There was a great coffee place in the corner that I would go to. The man who made the coffee wore a suit like the 1940’s. He was tall and lanky. He was one cool cat. I liked him because he was his own person. Imagine being your own person. Wow huh.

I like being an individual but that mermaid place is taking away options for coffee drinkers. Taking away the ART of coffee making. Coffee places (that I was use to) had funky chairs, unique interiors, baristas had personalities even and you know what the coffee was authentic!!! People loved making coffee and the vibe was good in regards to the environment being enjoyable.

So after jogging all the years that I have, noticed that the mermaid places do not have a whole lot of customers. When you step inside not very welcoming, not unique and the baristas kind of look all the same. Perhaps people stop going because there are so many of them. Or they are overpriced. Or the options they have has shrunken in regards to food portions and drinks. Or perhaps it is just the obvious.

When asked to a ‘liberal Seattlelite’ about coffee, they will admit it less than 5 minutes of the conversation. It will go like this…”Hey do you want to go and get coffee at…….?” And the answer will be “Oh nooooooo can we go somewhere else” and then they will give reasons. Now those reasons are coming from an independent. Let that sink in. For the place to be the staple of liberalism, based on their actions, not very open minded now is it.

I am drinking coffee at home right now. I made it myself. Cheers!



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