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August 19, 2014

Christians are losing or leaving their Faith.  Why?

The answer is simple.  People are being lied to and misled daily by false prophets and Lucifer himself.  You may start out on the right path,  however you cannot UN see what you have seen, UN hear what you have heard, or UN know what you have learned.  It is within your power however, to know the truth when it is spoken and to adhere to it without fail.

Jesus spoke the truth about the Romans and the false Jews.  He never refused to speak the facts, even though he was persecuted and slain for holding to them.  The Jews in general did not betray him by placing him on the cross.  The Jews in the crowd did.  They allowed  Satan to whisper in their ears and show them the false claims of Heresy as being truth, and they were led to condemn the one man who could save and teach them about GOD of whom he was a part.

Now the Devil is calling on those easily led to avoid the Truth once again.  He whispers lies and false facts to those who are insecure and gullible, turning them once more away from Jesus and God.   Lucifer is once again choosing the most eloquent and convincing speaker to tell the world that God is dead and the only true religion is that of Lucifer himself.  We know it by many names, but the latest is Islam.  Islam is a death cult that does not revere life.  It reveres pain, suffering and death.  Much as Lucifer suffered when cast down from the Heavens for daring to replace God.  Lucifer is by all intents and purposes a spoiled and conceited child rebelling at the just punishment of his father.

We are constantly barraged by lies and false signs.  Yet people refuse to unclog their ears and hear the Truth as it was meant to be spoken.  It is so much easier to believe a lie told convincingly than to believe the truth when told with sincerity.  To accept the truth that certain behaviors are against the teachings of the Bible, and therefore the teachings of a Moral society,  is too much to bear for the corrupted sinners flocking to the word of Lucifer.

Lucifer will imbibe his chosen messengers with a silver tongue meant to deceive.  We see this worldwide in many cultures with many Christian and moral values.  It is easier to tear something down and destroy it completely than to build something up and glorify it.  To destroy the physical Church is merely a thing Lucifer is content to do and he has many who are willing to follow his instructions as to how to do this.

First, demoralize the people.

Second, blame God for not standing with them or protecting them.

Third,  give them no respite until they turn their backs on God and turn to Lucifer, accepting him as the new and all powerful god.

Fourth,  destroy all converts from Christianity to Islam.  Lucifer and his followers do not trust anyone who could turn against their professed one true God, thus must be suspect at all times.  The only remedy is complete destruction.

This is not a Political battle between Political Parties.  This is Lucifer’s playground and he will cheat at all costs to win his petulant war on God and God’s children.  Lucifer is Arrogant and Narcissistic.  He believes only he should retain God’s favor.  Hence the desire to destroy God’s only Son and Mankind’s only salvation.  Lucifer is like an adopted child who resents his parents for finally having a biological child of their own.  Once the favored only child, he resents the newest addition and the pure love given by the parents.  To all intents and purposes, Lucifer feels replaced by Jesus Christ and all of God’s children.  Understand this, people.  You are all God’s children and therefore a threat to Lucifer because he perceives you as a threat to his once favored standing.  God loves you dearly.  Lucifer hates you and wants to destroy you, for he sees you as his competition.

Do NOT give up on God because of the lies that you are being shown and told.  Continue to believe in the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.  These trials must be endured.  Those who die are meant to die.  What happens in the future must happen.  It is your duty to trust in God to protect you in spirit, not body.  The body is dispensable.   Your spirit and everlasting soul are not.  God holds you in his hands and he will shelter you if you seek it.

God bless you and America.  It has now come to this.  Only you can turn to the only one who can truly save you and heal this country.  Read your Bible.  It is God’s guide to living closer to Him and a more fulfilling life.

Terri Kiley



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