This is America!

August 29, 2014

I wake up each morning thankful that I am still semi free. With all of the rules and regulations, taxes, fees, fines, and demands from the Federal Government, I am surprised. The Federal Government has been stripping away our rights since the beginning of this country, but it has been so gradual that we never noticed. We are figuring it out now, though.

Obama promised “The most transparent Government ever.” Well, that’s one promise he kept, even if he didn’t mean to. Never before have we seen such blatant and open corruption or hatred for America and her citizens. He is also keeping his promise that “Should the political winds shift in an ugly direction, I will stand by the Muslims.” How little we understood when he made that comment, or when Michelle said after his first election win that “For the first time in my adult life, I am proud of my country.”

Now we see them as they truly are. Barack is fulfilling Michelle’s promise. Do you remember when she said that Barack will change the conversation. ” He will change the conversation. He will change your history (not OUR). Barack will change your religion. Barack will change your Holidays and traditions.” And he has done this. People are afraid to decorate for Christmas, they are afraid to speak their minds and they are being forced to stop flying the American flag. The conversation has become about anything but the exceptional ism of America. It has become about everything that is the worst in America.

We are now so Politically Correct that the fear of offending someone has taken us to new depths. Since when are we ashamed to advertise bacon? When were ever ashamed to admit our Christianity or to protect ourselves and our property? When were we so afraid of anyone who was NOT White, or to celebrate this countries cultural differences? When, I ask you, did doing the right thing or simply stocking up on things, saving money, or merely conserving what you have become a bad thing? When was being a Heterosexual a bad thing to be or being responsible as a parent, spouse or employee something to be discouraged?

Barack Obama has distorted the truth, disrespected the people, decimated this country’s ability to protect itself and welcomed in a new threat. Because he could not destroy this country from without, he is doing it from within. He has enlisted the world wide criminal and financial destroyer, George Soros to collapse the economy. He has deliberately chosen to open our Borders and welcome in MILLIONS of Illegal Aliens and their diseases, criminal ways and blatant disregard for our laws.

We know this, yet we continue to elect and re elect the same corrupt Politicians based solely on name recognition. We have become apathetic and lazy, putting our responsibilities on the shoulders of those who actually give a damn. The excuse not to vote of “I’m not into Politics.” Does not fly any more. It is time for people to wake up, wise up and stop playing with their toys long enough to become informed and say something!

You wouldn’t entrust your home to some homeless nut job who just escaped from the mental hospital or your children to a known Pedophile, yet you entrust your entire future and the futures of your children to unknown liars and irresponsible thieves every day. They are called POLITICIANS and most are LAWYERS. Both are pretty much cut from the same cloth. They use their legal knowledge to convince you to allow them to hurt the country and you as a tax payer. Just like in court. It is no longer about Justice. It is about who the best liar is. This country needs to go back to electing STATESMEN/WOMEN, not life time career criminals.

Obama’s Government is not about HOPE. It is about corruption and changing America into his and his 60s radicals’ dreams of an impossible Liberal/Progressive Utopia. A Utopia of man does not and can not exist. Open Borders where everyone gets along and rides rainbows instead of trains does not and can not exist. Mankind is too selfish and too power hungry. Mankind likes to control his surroundings and will do anything he can to achieve that control. To put it bluntly, there are sheep and there are wolves. Right now, the wolves are running this country and the sheep keep bleating in protest as they allow themselves to be run through fences.

Wake up, America. PLEASE! I do not want to go down on a sinking ship because you refuse to change course. I am not some idiot who believes in rioting, burning, looting and running around with a gun and a goal to force you to give me your stuff. I am not a super freak bent on killing you because you don’t share my religious beliefs or because you are not of the same sexual preference as me or you refuse to live the way I do. I don’t care if you accept me or disagree with me. I don’t care if you offend me (pretty hard to do) or disagree with me.

This is America and we are rapidly losing her because of a small percentage of selfish, childish fools who think that everyone else has to live by their rules. Not so. I do not expect to pay for them, nor do I expect them to pay for me. That is an individual responsibility and we should all welcome and embrace it. Our lives are our own and we should not give in to the demands of a few who wish to control us. This is America. Remember what that means.

This country was once so great that the world looked up to us. We were the first ones to put a man on the moon AND bring him back. We were the leaders in the Industrial Revolution. Our medicine and medical knowledge was the best in the world. WE cured more illnesses and developed more ways to help heal injuries than any other country. We were the leaders in every arena. We had enough natural resources to be the envy of other countries. Now, Obama prevents us from utilizing those natural resources and promotes the lie of Global Warming. Obama is trying to destroy the Middle Class, a group he admitted was the backbone of America.

Now we need to go back and research our past History. WE were fighters, inventors, engineers, doctors, researchers, Religious leaders, and FAMILIES. We had Morals, manners, respect and we were unashamed to be Human and Compassionate. What changed, America? Who have we allowed ourselves to become? Take care that you don’t fall into Obama’s trap and become a Third World country bent on depriving you of your Humanity.

God Bless America. May she wake up and save herself before it’s too late.

Terri Kiley.

Barack Obama has built his presidential campaign on a huge pack of lies. He and his minions engage in prevarication, double-talk, deceptiveness, secrecy, chicanery, and empty rhetoric. Obama’s voting record is sketchy at best. Obama makes impossible promises and his supporters expect too much of him…



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