America needs a true Hero

November 15, 2014

America has lost so many good things in the past six years.  We have lost any faith that we have had in our government and elected officials.  We have lost confidence in our neighbors and we second guess ourselves.  We are losing the ability to think rationally.  Common Sense has become a rare virtue.  Honesty has become a lost art.  We have become a nation of whiners and frightened people who would gladly trade any notion of safety over freedom.  We now covet insults, hatred and violence,  freely playing the Race Card.  We are too easily offended by everything under the sun, but the things that truly should offend us are the things that we accept and make excuses for.

What happened to accepting reality?  People are so desperate for a strong leader of any kind that they look to Vladimir Putin as a shining example of what a leader should be.  A Communist who oppresses the masses?  That is who people look up to?  We used to despise the Russian Ideology of Communism and oppression, yet now we think it is OK because our own leader, “President” Obama is weaker than watered down milk.  Vladimir Putin was KGB,  part of one of the most feared organizations in Russia.  Know your imagined idol before you fall at his feet.

People are turning to anyone who even resembles a strong leader when in fact they are duplicitous and corrupt.  A good liar does not make a good leader, no mater how you try to spin it.   Hillary Clinton is an excellent example of this.  She has more scandals and coverups to her name than many people know about.  No one has really looked into her history Politically or otherwise.  Were you aware of her being fired from the Watergate Committee for Fraud and Ethics violations?   Did anyone vet Hillary Clinton and her scandalous background which is full of  the mysterious deaths of those who disagreed with her and Bill Clinton during his tenures as Arkansas Governor then  as the President of the United States?  What about her role in Benghazi?  It is amazing that simply because she is a Democrat woman she is even being considered for President in 2016.

Then we have Governor Chris Christy.  Because he is a loud and vociferous, opinionated man, his frank candor has made him popular.  He speaks his mind and to Hell with the consequences.  People love the fact that he has the audacity to say the things that they wish they had the courage to say themselves.  However, do the people truly know this man to whom they offer their hero worship?  Are they aware of how often he has followed in Obama’s footsteps or the fact that he embezzled from his own Constituents after Hurricane Sandy?  He took the funds meant for the aid to his Constituents and kept it for himself.  How many know of his policies?  His stance on Illegal Immigration?  People need to do and accept the research done on these Political hacks before they blindly follow them over a cliff.

What people need are TRUE heroes and they can be found in many places.  Even in your own back yard.  How often have you heard the story of the boy who ran into a burning building to save his entire family?

Or the teens who rode their bikes  chasing a car to save a kidnapped little girl?

How many people recall the recent event where an unknown man walked into a burning house and saved a woman’s father?

The point is that we have heroes that are both unsung and unseen.   America needs to see more of these stories.  They are everywhere but they are being dismissed by the Media and the Government.  Good deeds should never be dismissed out of hand or vilified or prosecuted.  A good example is that of  pastors and a 90 year old man  arrested for giving food to the homeless.

America needs to shake off these shackles of blind hero worship of false people and the cruelty that is pervading this Society.  The Government is poisoning and beating us down with it’s endless scandals and continuous law breaking.  The Media is beating us down incessantly by flooding us with lies, manufactured crises and a sense of hopelessness.  They tell us that we cannot defeat their chosen candidates, but the truth is that we can have a different opinion and act on it.  In spite of all of the destructive scams, gimmicks and scandals, America is still alive and looking for a real leader who has the strength and backing to pull us and our beloved country back from the brink of disaster.

Stand tall, America.  Do not let the wolves bring you down.  We are treated as stupid sheep by those hired to keep us safe.  It is time to show the wolves who they are messing with and Americans will not back down.  This sleeping giant is ready to do some stomping and we have our heavy work boots on for the occasion.

Stand with Israel and get yourselves back to God, people.  We are in a war, and united in a singular cause we will prevail.  Tell those against us and this country to run, because we are coming.  God bless America!

Terri Kiley





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