America, do your job!

January 15, 2015

It is time for America to turn the alarm clock off and get to work.    You have hit the snooze button and stayed in bed too long and you are in danger of losing everything.  WAKE UP!   The coffee needs brewing, breakfast has to be eaten and you need to get moving now!  Vacation has ended.  You are not sick and playing Hooky is no longer an excuse.

While you chose to stay in bed, the children have destroyed the house, raided your petty cash drawer, skipped school and made a mockery of your lack of parenting.  NOW is the time to be a PARENT and teach them the things they need to learn if they are going to grow up responsibly and with morals and respect.  Later,when they have left the house to live on their own you can be their friend.  Now you need to be their guide, disciplinarian, teacher and all around hard ass.  Accept no excuses, stop tolerating the lies and tattle tailing and quit letting them escape their responsibilities by accepting their selfish and sneaky finger pointing.  Just because there are more kids in the house does not mean that you are too stupid to know who did what.

America is treating those in Government like little kids and letting them run crazy, destroying everything in their paths like little demons.  They throw their petulant fits, scream until you cave, and terrorize you by threatening to call CPS if you dare to spank them.  Since when did they get to run the house?  You are paying thee bills and supporting them.  THEY need to respect YOU and you are the one telling them to quit the games and do what you tell them to.  No games!  Tell them that you know that they will lie to you and others.  You know that they will point fingers, shift blame and try to tell you what to do.  They don’t want your job, but they want to tell you how to do it.  They don’t get paid to be spoiled conniving brats.  They get paid to listen to YOU, their BOSS.

The Government is out of control and just like that brat in the grocery store, they are using threats of displaying their bad behavior and making an embarrassing scene to keep you from doing anything about it.  Time for a time out?  NO.  It is time for a spanking and refusal to give in and reward bad behavior just to save face.

Just like work.  You have a job as a boss.  You have employees under you who are stabbing you in the back, trying to make you look bad to YOUR boss, ignoring you, lying about you and treating you as insignificant.  Meanwhile, your boss is buying the lies because they have him wrapped around their collective finger.  You are given bad work reviews, denied raises and told that you are under performing your job because you cannot seem to control your employees.

What do you do?  Do you risk telling the boss that if he would untie your hands you could do your job to expectations, or do you simply hear the insults, accept the punitive damages and continue handling the employees with kid gloves?  At this point, you are frustrated beyond belief.  Work has become unbearable and you feel like nothing more than a piece of the equipment to be discarded soon.  You are at the point where you believe that saying something can get you fired or you can start looking for a new job.  You go to work the next day and start making real changes.  After all, what do you have to lose now?  The aggravating hassle of letting them try to force your compliance to their desires?  Screw that!

You get up, you decide to take c0ontrol and you tell the kids to get ready for school and no skipping.  If they do, you will know and they will be punished.  You check their back packs to be sure they have what they need and are not taking what they don’t.  You make them put their dishes in the sink and get on the bus.  You took charge and it felt good to be back in the driver’s seat.  You finish your coffee, put your cup in the sink, brush your teeth one last time and head out the door.  After locking up, you hit the road.  Today, things are going to change.

Once you get to work, people start to notice that you are different.  You look more confident.  That weight of being punished for doing your job is no longer hanging over your head.  The first “crisis” comes up.  One particularly whiny and manipulative worker comes to you whining that you aren’t supporting them in their job.  They whine that you are there for them then proceed to tell you how to do your job to meet their requirements.

You tell them in no uncertain terms that YOU do not work for them.  You inform them that you fully expect them to whine about your lack of leadership to your boss, trying to make you look bad.  You know they will try to stab you in the back by lying about you and stirring the pot trying to get other workers to agree that you are irrelevant.  Then you tell them that YOU are the one making the rules and if they don’t want to do their job, they are more than welcome to walk out the door.

You have started reclaiming your job.  You start telling the employees to stop hanging out at the water cooler, playing on their iPhones and gossiping instead of working.  You see t0 it that everyone is busy doing the job that they are getting paid for and you have made it clear that this is NOT recess.  They were hired to do a job so DO it!  No more excuses, whines or tricks.   Your next evaluation sees you getting a raise and the boss is no longer whining about your “leadership” style.

America is a JOB.  It is up to us to be her stewards and bosses.  It is up to us to see that her resources are managed properly and that those we place into high leadership positions do the jobs that they were hired to do.  They can be fired and you need to make them well aware of that.  THEY do not run America, YOU do.  You are the CEO and you are in charge.   Let them know that you are on to them and their sneaky tactics to make you work for them.  Show them who has the real authority and hold them accountable.  No more games.  No more kid gloves.  No more Political Correctness or Liberal hand wringing.  They don’t listen to petitions or phone calls.  Stop playing nice and take the reins.  TELL them in no uncertain terms that the game is over.  Get out of your pockets, stop pointing fingers and shifting blame and DO THEIR JOBS!  No more smoke and mirrors.  You know what is going on.  Stop it!

Now get up, drink your coffee and get going.  We have work to do, kids to reprimand and a country to turn around before it derails.

God bless  America and Israel.  Stand by our ALLIES and beat the hell out of our arrogant, spoiled enemies.  Take America back and give the Government the shellacking the spoiled, uncontrolled brats desperately need.  Tell them to shape up or ship out.  No one expects them to stay forever.  Just like kids.  You do not expect them to stay in the house forever.  You expect to see them get out and live their own lives, not leech 0ff of you, doing nothing for themselves until you die.

This is OUR country.  Do something besides whine and send petitions and take it back!

Terri Kiley



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