America; The disposable country.

September 19, 2014

We are throwing our country away and have only ourselves to blame.  We are doing exactly the same things as England, Australia, Italy, France, Germany and the rest of the world have done because we have become too arrogant, just as Obama has stated.  We think we are invincible because of a system created by a handful of brilliant and far seeing men back in the 1700s.  We are fools and idiots and we have proven time and time again that we are incompetent children who refuse to learn from proven History.

America has forgotten herself and her place in History.  America has chosen to believe one lie after another and decided that the selfish needs of the individual far outweigh the  sacrifices of those willing to protect and defend all that this country stands for.   The truth has become not only obsolete in many cases, but willfully ignored.  Americans have chosen to blind themselves to the facts and reality of things unpleasant, choosing instead to focus on a side of life that is pure fantasy.

It’s so much easier for we, the people, to choose the easy life without reality and responsibility showing themselves in our pathetic lives.  Americans have chosen to play games, allow themselves to become addicted to iPhones, Smart Phones, computers, iPads…  Anything that promotes a fantasy world as an escape from reality.  How sad.

We have watched as people young and old choose to video a vicious act then put it on YouTube rather than get involved and stop it.  Crowds of people watch as a single person gets beaten and battered while whole groups do nothing in response but try to get the best video to share with the world.  They have chosen to dumb themselves down.  Intelligent people railing against this newest trend are allowing themselves to become complacent and decide that they no longer need to interface with Humanity, but would rather spend hours playing with a digital talking cat.

We have failed America, ourselves and our children.  We forget to teach Patriotism, Loyalty, Honor, Respect, Compassion, Responsibility and God.  In short, Americans  have forgotten to teach anything of value as a foundation for our children to grow up on.  Instead we focus on being selfish, demanding, bullying children who would rather run from responsibility than to face it and accept the challenges it represents.  There was a time when Americans ran TOWARDS trouble, challenged and defeated it.  Now Americans prefer to run from it and hope the other guy has the courage to do what they won’t.  Apparently, if it can’t be played as a game where you get infinite lives and do overs, it’s not worth doing.

America was first in so many areas.  We were first in the Space Program.  We were first in Medical advancements  and medical technology that made our lives infinitely better.  We were the first in Education.  We had the best Military in the world.  The Industrial Revolution was in America.  Patriotism was in our blood and we lived and breathed it.  Honor and Courage were not catch phrases for some movie, they were a way of life.  We prepared our children to take care of themselves concerning bravery, finances, parenting, common sense and responsibility.

Getting a higher education was a serious goal with noble intentions.  Now it is merely a high priced way to party and be indoctrinated by Liberals and unpatriotic professors.  We are allowing our children to learn from people who think Communism and sympathy for our enemies is more valuable teaching than the true spirit of America and the knowledge to improve her and her people.

Parents have the notion that once their kid gets to college it is no longer their concern.  Wrong.  It IS the concern of the parents because the kids attending college will be a part of this country’s future.  These kids will shape the world in many ways and we need to stay involved and be sure that they are taught the best things about their chosen fields, not indoctrinated by misguided people using their authority to contaminate our youth.  It is up to us to ensure that the right Professors and teachers have access to our youth for the right reasons.  The time for standing idly by and letting someone else do it is long past over.  Look at our children, America.  Do you see a bright future for either them or our country?

Teach our children wisdom  and common sense, not Common Core.  Encourage their creativity and their sense of self, but temper it with teaching them restraint and self control.  Teach them how to be decent, respectable adults.  Teach them how to be good  parents who will always put their children first, not in a spoiled, materialistic way, but in a loving and nurturing way that teaches Humanity and compassion.  Teach them loyalty to God, family and country.  Teach them to think for themselves, not just of themselves.

We need to get engaged and involved, America.  We need to regain control of our lives and help shape the children into civilized human beings rather than these kids who think violence is the only way to gain attention.  We need to be more aware of Politics and what the Elites are doing to us and this country.  We need to reclaim our youth and our country and tell these Communist, Marxist Liberals that they can NOT have them.  Protect what is ours and stop playing with your toys.

The youth and children need YOU and your whole attention.  Put down your fancy phones with instant internet access and wake up.  We used to have Rolodexes and  address books, remember?  We used to be better at handwriting, Math and Science.

We could  name all 50 states AND their capitols.  Now?  Most of us can’t even name the Capitols or the Governors of our own states.  We sure can name the color of our state though.  We are either Red or Blue.  Not Red, WHITE and Blue.  We are simply either Republicans or Democrats and we vote according to our state’s color, not the true ideology of America or for her best interests.    Since when did we vote solely along party lines no matter what?  No wonder we are screwed.  Voting has become a ridiculous popularity contest, nothing more.  Maybe we should start awarding beauty crowns and sashes.

We have allowed this country to be sold for YouTube, instant gratification and a dependence on games and smart phones while we ignore the reality that is crashing down on us.  We no longer depend on ourselves and we are passing that legacy on to our children.  They can’t depend on us, is it any surprise that we can’t depend on them?  The result is that the elderly are being abandoned by their children and  placed in homes to die.

Wake up, America.  Our previous allies are abandoning us because we continue to allow an incompetent Community Organizer, who is nothing more than a rabble rouser and trouble maker with dark skin, make us look like useless fools.  Our Allies warned us about Obama’s weaknesses, but we ignored them.  They warned us not to ignore our children who would be our future.  We ignored them.   They warned us not to give up our guns, but we ignored them.  They warned us not to let the Muslim Brotherhood or any other Terror group into the White House.  Again we ignored them.  Is it any wonder that they are turning their backs on us?

It’s time to start listening to our Allies and stop climbing onto every bandwagon out there.  Stop hating Israel, stop loving ISIS, Mexican invaders and our enemies.  America had better wake up and start understanding who’s who before it’s too late.  No wonder our kids are turning to the Terrorists.  We ignore them, but the Terrorists don’t.

Wake up America.  Your kids and your country are almost gone.  It is time to stand for something good and get over the newest, latest and shiniest toys.  Stand with your few remaining allies and stop being so petty and judgmental of others.  Look in the mirror before you throw that stone.   Take a good long look at what we are becoming.  Do you like the reflection?

Stand with Israel.  Pray for America, our children and that God will once again bless us.

Terri Kiley



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