America: A country in crisis.

September 4, 2014

America is soon turning into a lost country and we only have ourselves to blame.  We are allowing the media and the Government to re write our history and our heritage.  We are giving in to fear and to excessive control and power grabs.  We are allowing ourselves and our country to be erased and there are precious few of us with the courage to stand up and tell you the truth.  Yet the more truth we speak, the more lies Americans want to hear.

Americans are allowing the liars to run our lives and destroy who we are.  The are allowing stupid people to rewrite history and tell us that atrocities like Kristallnacht the precursor to the Holocaust.   Obama is trying so hard to relive Hitler’s life and crimes that he, Holder and the race baiting Al Sharpton,  Jesse Jackson, and Oprah Winfrey are doing everything to aid him.

This is the truth about the beginning of the end for Germany’s Jews.  This is what happens when you listen to the lies that giving up your guns is a good idea and believing that the Government will take care of you.  Re learn History and do it fast, because the longer we allow this to continue, the faster we will be doomed to repeat it.  It took Germany 28 years to see Justice done and many are still waiting.  The only peace for the last remaining survivors of the Holocaust is a quiet death, because the horrors of those years will always haunt them.  How dare we allow this to be erased or denied?  Americans were also involved so don’t you dare say this had nothing to do with us!

The Second Amendment was created so that Americans would always feel secure in their persons and their property.  It is meant to keep America safe from criminals and Tyranny.  It is to protect the rights of American citizens and allow them to protect each other and their property as well as that of others.  It was never meant solely for hunting or any other perverted meaning.

When this country was new, guns were a form of defense as well as for hunting.  But more importantly, guns kept us safe from outlaws, criminals and theft.  Young children were taught to handle and respect firearms.
Children were taught how to use them and many actually used guns to defend themselves and their families.

Guns were not to be feared, the Liberals and Progressives waged that campaign and stupid people are buying into it.  If we really wanted to keep our children safe, we’d show them how to safely and responsibly handle a gun and arm them so that they could protect themselves from child predators and other threats the face daily.  We need to stop making our kids victims by buying into the “safety” issue .  Can you imagine little Billy or Suzy carrying a pistol in their pocket when they are approached by a Pedophile?

Now we are allowing an unelected First Lady to tell us how and what to eat.  We listen to the Progressives and Liberals tell us to be tolerant of those whose sole intention is to kill us and the Americans foolishly grin and say that makes sense.  Please explain that thinking.  If you offend someone, that is your RIGHT.  It doesn’t matter if they are offended because you just killed Bambi and ate him.  It doesn’t matter if someone is offended by your swatting you kid for grabbing things off the shelf in a store and causing a scene.  It doesn’t matter if someone is offended by your kids running a Lemonade stand.  What matters is that we are allowing this nonsense to affect how we live our lives.

Teachers are refusing to allow Bibles in school because it offends them.  Why would the Word of God offend anyone?  Teachers prosecute children for eating Pop Tarts the wrong way or pointing at another child because they think the Pop Tart or the finger pointing and saying “BANG!” symbolizes a desire to do another child harm.  The insanity is rampant and must be stopped.  It is long past time Americans stop worrying about what others might think about them.

The destruction of religion is another example.  We are told that Christianity is bad, and our own Government is refusing to hold up the rights of people to practice one of the oldest and greatest religions on Earth.  They do this because we have a Muslim President who does not believe in God.  And Americans allow this because it doesn’t affect them personally or directly.  Better think again.  Even our churches are being corrupted and used for Propaganda purposes.

America, some are waking to this Crisis, but most still have their heads ion the sand.  Think about it this way.  An ostrich is minding it’s own business whe it spots a threat.  Instantly it buries it’s head in the sand with it’s body vulnerable.  It can’t see the threat and the sand is warm and comforting.  Surely it must be safe.  If the Ostrich can’t see the threat, surely the threat can’t see the Ostrich.  Until the threat pounces and kills the Ostrich violently and without mercy.

One last thing Americans must face is Islam and the open boarders.  Millions of illegals are flooding this country daily, bringing violence, disease and a repugnant lack of respect for our citizens and our laws.  They are infiltrating our Political system and robbing us blind by being allowed to overwhelm the system, just like the Cloward and Piven strategy to turn America Communist.

We have laws that require identity for everything but voting.  Does that make sense?  I need a valid and current I.D. to have a Notary sign off on a Lost Title document, but no one cares if I am legal to vote.  This is a major problem, for people are allowed to vote under false names, multiple times and in multiple locations and are encouraged to do so by the Democrats wishing to steal elections for more power.

If you look into the facts, we are being destroyed from within and we are playing Ostrich with the hopes that Americans will not be bitten in the butt for their closed minded apathy.  We refuse to stand for the things that made us America and the greatest, freest country on Earth yet we will gladly stand for the right to play games at work and live like a bunch of perverts and boycott anything that displeases us.  What a backwards, gullible country we have become.  Soon we will be another Iran,  It only took them 40 years to lose themselves to hatred.  It is taking us even less time.

Bring back the American, God Fearing family and stand with Israel.  She is the obvious example of what love surrounded by hate represents.

Terri Kiley



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