America: What was, What is and What can be.

October 6, 2014

America is definitely different than it was before 2008.  America was a strong, independent country with strong and hearty people.  Americans revered hard work, family and God.  They loved their guns and their freedoms and no one was going to change that. They stuck by their friends and allies.  America was a shining example of Humanity and equality.  America stood for Honor, Loyalty and Equality and refused to ever back down to bullies and thugs.  There was a time when the world loved America and her people.

Women were not ashamed to be women.  The entire meaning of being female was to be delicate yet strong, the nurturing force behind the family and self sufficient.  Women were never ashamed to cook, clean, sew, raise the kids, keep God in the family and take care of the household.  Women were demure,  gentle, polite, quiet,  loving and forgiving.  It was a good thing to be a woman.  Girls dreamed of marrying strong men who would look after them and protect them.  They dreamed of growing up like ladies and having families of their own.  That meant getting married, having a house or apartment, and lots of kids.  They loved looking pretty and smelling good.  Women had class.  A true compliment was to be called a lady.

Men were strong, self sufficient and drove themselves to be tough and independent.  If you broke down somewhere, a man would see the problem and stop to help.  He’d help change the tire, give you a tow if he could or even give you a ride into town so that you could get help.  It was not uncommon for a man to bring home a stranded stranger for dinner or even the night.  This was not a problem, for most men were married and their wives were willing to put up unexpected company.  People trusted each other more and they knew that the man of the house would protect his wife and family.  Crime was almost non existent because people knew and respected their boundaries.

Kids had manners and knew God.  They shunned disrespect and refused to accept irresponsibility.  They took pride in attending school and they were competitive in Academics as well as Sports.  They played outside and they hung out with other kids no matter the age range.  They went to church and they reveled in demonstrating their intelligence and their talents.   They wanted the reputation of being a good kid.  That meant being honest, trustworthy and reliable.  A good kid could be counted upon to help a stranger as well as a neighbor.  You could always see how a good kid would become a good person later by the way they lived their lives.

Nowadays, you have women infected with the foolish notion of Feminism.  Insecure women subscribe to this practice.  Men have the muscular physique to handle Jackhammers, carry the wounded off of the battlefield, and do things that even a self proclaimed Feminist can not do.  Men are meant to be raised as the providers and the protectors.  There are disillusioned women who think that they can do it all and do it better than any man.  Yes, women can  have jobs, run for Political office, have careers, change tires and fix the car, but trying to juggle doing a man’s job as well as trying to be a woman is usually extremely difficult for many women.  More often than not, they are forced to make the choice of having a career or a family.  Sadly, the career usually wins out.

Women have been taught that life is no longer sacred, but a choice.  If a woman gets pregnant, the thought of keeping the child or putting it up for adoption is no longer an option.  Women refuse to accept responsibility for the life they helped create.  Instead they tamp down any maternal instincts and tell themselves that they did not create a life.  What is growing inside of them has become an unwanted thing and they must get rid of it to preserve their chosen way of life.  Men have become just as irresponsible and callous.  It used to be that if a man got a woman pregnant out of wedlock, he would do the right thing and marry the woman.  He would give the woman and child his name and she would try to make the unit a family.   Sometimes it would not work out, but at least the child had a name and was legitimate.  Families have become irrelevant.

Most  people are taught that God is a myth or a waste of time.  Church attendance has dropped dramatically, not because people stopped believing, but because those Religious leaders we look up to have lost the message.  Instead of preaching God’s word, they have been indoctrinated into preaching false prophecies, false direction for their flocks and lies that are Political in nature, not Godly at all.  Religion has become a money making venture and the false prophets and teachers are blinded by their own greed.  Those men of God who are still out there are being persecuted and slandered on the altar of Political Correctness.

The rule of law has been seriously perverted and twisted.  Where it was about right and wrong, it has become about color and ideology.  Now it is no longer about Justice, it is about Race, Religion and who can tell the best lie.  No longer are we held accountable for our actions.  We are given leniency and told that we must conform to the latest Liberal policy.  A chain gang was a deterrent to crime.  A death sentence was appropriate for murderers, rapists and pedophiles.  Politics and Liberals have fought hard to change that by using the whine “That’s not fair.  It’s inhumane.”  Now criminals are all too eager to go to prison where they are guaranteed three square meals a day, free satellite or cable TV, free medical, , free gyms, and free job training .  Most criminals have it better in prison than out.

What America needs to do is reevaluate what it wants it’s reputation to be.  Right now we are a laughingstock around the world.  We are no longer seen as tough, strong and resilient.  We can’t be trusted. We are like small, ungrateful children who destroy things if we do not get our way.  Is this really the face we want to show the world?

America can stand up the the flaws in the system.  We can say enough and take our country back. America can once again reclaim her former glory and we can once again become the country that God and the world once loved.  We need to bring back responsibility, family, God and loyalty.  We need to understand that the day and age of instant gratification and ease is not working.  Become more self reliant.  Become proud of your individual strengths and accomplishments.

Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone.  By stepping out of your bubble, you will realize that you are stronger than you think and your confidence in who you are will grow in leaps and bounds.  Americans are not cowards, they are a strong and courageous people who refuse to be cowed or dominated.  We can become that shining example of Humanity again.

We can become the country that everyone else looks up to.  We can become the country everyone wants to be a part of by following our laws and wanting to be Americans.  Show your pride, America.  We have been kicked in the teeth, knocked down and sorely battered, but we will rise up and fight back stronger than those who would destroy us.  This is our country and we will never surrender our home to the corrupt Politicians or the invaders seeking our destruction.  Be humbled by God, not these destructive forces seeking to tear you down.  We are Americans and we have had enough!

Stand proud.  Stand strong.  Stand up for God and Israel.  God bless us all.

Terri Kiley



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