Let’s talk coffee and liberalism in Seattle

I once worked as a barista in Seattle. A real barista that is. I actually steamed the milk. Grind the coffee. Made the shots....

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A little truth that goes a long way….say no to live ins

I was jogging on a rainy day and decided to duck for cover in a local grocery store. While looking for some ice tea,...

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Thanks to fathers

Father’s Day is around the corner. When I was younger I thought it was a day to buy a wallet, a pair of socks...

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America, do your job!

It is time for America to turn the alarm clock off and get to work.    You have hit the snooze button and stayed in...

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America needs a true Hero

America has lost so many good things in the past six years.  We have lost any faith that we have had in our government...

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The sinking of America

America is like a lost ship floating in the fog.  All of her warning gear is blind.  Her communications are fried.  Already she has...

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America: What was, What is and What can be.

America is definitely different than it was before 2008.  America was a strong, independent country with strong and hearty people.  Americans revered hard work,...

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Islam: Rise of the serpent

There is a growing threat to Humanity and it is spreading throughout the world at an alarming rate.  Islam, the cult of hatred, intolerance...

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America; The disposable country.

We are throwing our country away and have only ourselves to blame.  We are doing exactly the same things as England, Australia, Italy, France,...

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America: A country in crisis.

America is soon turning into a lost country and we only have ourselves to blame.  We are allowing the media and the Government to...

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This is America!

I wake up each morning thankful that I am still semi free. With all of the rules and regulations, taxes, fees, fines, and demands...

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The fold is this way.

Christians are losing or leaving their Faith.  Why? The answer is simple.  People are being lied to and misled daily by false prophets and...

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